Below are some of the lovely comments I’ve received from clients who have worked with me:

Feldenkrais is the best–kept secret in complementary medicine. Everyone should know about it but very few do. It’s a wonderful therapy and Joy Morris is a fabulous, caring, inspiring teacher. ~ Michael Franklin, founder of the Allergy and Nutrition Centre and the IBS Centre

I attended a 5-week Feldenkrais course with Joy Morris. I had never done any before and I found it to be a most wonderful introduction to learning more about movement and how to move more freely, as well as releasing or becoming more aware of my unconscious holding patterns. I felt a very noticeable difference between the beginning and end of each class and I really enjoyed the meditative, flowing nature of the lessons. ~ Helen Paskins, Professional clarinet player

Joy has magic hands and together with her mastery of Feldenkrais, each session is a joy, like her name and an opportunity to rebalance and realign my body. I also feel empowered to realign my body on my own through a few movements practiced during the individual session. A simple gift. ~ Anne Roques, International Business coach

I’ve tried every therapy going to sort out my back and postural issues and without doubt Joy is the only one to have made a lasting difference. Everyone should experience the amazing effects of Feldenkrais, even if they’ve never heard of it! ~ Angela Bryant, Health Coach

Joy is our friend, She cures our ills, Helps us all move with grace, You have our love, you have our love, So thank you very much, So thank you very much, So thank you, so thank you, Our hearts to yours. ~ Festive Feldenkrais Class Song, composed by Katja Broadbent and sung to the tune ‘Joy to the World’

Weekly Feldenkrais classes have changed my life – missing class is not an option. ~ Jos G

The Magical Feldenkrais work has allowed my body (of its own accord) to come back to a natural place of balance and power. I actually feel NEUROLOGICALLY cleaner than I have felt in a very long time. A beautiful, absolutely timeless technique which I recommend to all body owners ~ Dilara Pataudi, Life Coach

Struggling to recover from a lower back injury I’d begun to assume that I’d live with pain and discomfort for the rest of my life until a friend mentioned Feldenkrais. I hadn’t heard of it before and having tried other forms of physical therapy without much benefit didn’t know what to expect. I am so glad that my Googling found the Feldenkrais website and led me to Joy Morris. My return to fitness has been steady and remarkable. Moshe Feldenkrais’ claim that his approach will “make the impossible possible” has proved more than true in my case – and not only is Feldenkrais practice effective it’s also very interesting and enjoyable. ~ Linda Squire, Leadership Coach


The following are from attendees at recent workshops:

Very interesting. Discovered my body and feel it is simple and relaxing enough to continue at home. ~ JB

Wonderful – my back has noticeably eased. ~ AD

Very interesting and most enjoyable. ~ BH

I enjoyed it, very relaxing. I can feel more intelligence in my body. ~ TH

Very relaxing and more aware way of stretching and letting go and being aware of posture. ~ IR

Very relaxing and helpful in balancing your body. ~ DM

My balance has much improved. Thank you. ~ HK

It was fantastic, thank you. ~ YK


And finally some comments specifically from riders:

The Feldenkrais Method is a valuable tool in the rider’s toolbox. I have personally experienced significant changes and development in my riding through sessions with trainer, Joy Morris. I am consistently impressed with the improvements in my client’s body awareness and feel after practising Feldenkrais. Joy Morris is an enthusiastic coach and has provided fun and informative sessions which have been enjoyed and appreciated by all attending – I highly recommend Feldenkrais, not only for horse riders but for anyone wishing to improve their flexibility, body awareness or aiding recovery after injury. ~ Emily Jane Baker, Director Equinethos LTD and The Dovecote Stables, International Trainer, Rider and NLP Coach

I first met Joy when she came to me for a lesson on the vaulting roller some 12 years ago and we have been firm friends ever since. We have shared a wide range of experiences – riding in Portugal, clinics with Filipa Valenca and Erik Herbermann plus ‘body work’ for both horse and rider. Her boundless enthusiasm is infectious and her desire to see others succeed makes her an excellent teacher and therapist. I have found her Feldenkrais and Craniosacral sessions hugely beneficial both for my riding and for my general wellbeing. She is a regular teacher at our Annual Arrow Equestrian Week, offering Work in Hand, Long Reining, mounted Feldenkrais and TTEAM lessons and is a breath of fresh air in the sometimes dull world of ‘Serious Dressage’. You will always come out of a session with Joy with a smile on your face. She is well named – Joy! Sue Nevill Parker, Arrow Equestrian Centre