Learn to move with ease and balance

Find out more below about how I work with individuals to help you learn how to move more comfortably. The Feldenkrais Method can even ease longstanding aches and pains. This is a great technique for the curious of any age and fitness level!

Work With Me


I teach regular Awareness Through Movement classes in Cumnor, Churchill and Buckingham.


I put on various workshops throughout the year. Tailored workshops can be organised at any Midlands location.

One-to-One Lessons

I offer individual lessons either in Cumnor or in your own home. Ideal for those with limited mobility.

Awareness Through Movement Classes

In Awareness Through Movement classes, the teacher verbally guides the group through an exploration of a specific movement theme. Each class is different, exploring a pattern of movement or a region of the body. You learn at your own rate, organically, by following your sensations of comfort and ease.

When: Tuesdays 7:30 - 8:30pm

Where: Cumnor United Reformed Church hall, Leys Road, Cumnor, OX2 9QF

Cost: £30 for a 5 class card (may be used for any Cumnor class within a 4 month period) or £10 for individual classes

What to bring: A blanket or yoga / exercise mat and a small cushion

To book: Contact me on 01865 862272 or joy@thejoyofmovement.co.uk

Classes are also available in Churchill, OX7 6NG (specifically for horse riders) and Buckingham. Please contact me for more information or sign up to my mailing list at the bottom of the page.

I attended a 5-week Feldenkrais course with Joy Morris. I had never done any before and I found it to be a most wonderful introduction to learning more about movement and how to move more freely, as well as releasing or becoming more aware of my unconscious holding patterns. I felt a very noticeable difference between the beginning and end of each class and I really enjoyed the meditative, flowing nature of the lessons. ~ Helen Paskins, Professional clarinet player
Joy is our friend, she cures our ills,
Helps us all move with grace,
You have our love, you have our love,
So thank you very much,
So thank you very much,
So thank you, so thank you,
Our hearts to yours.
Festive Feldenkrais Class Song, composed by Katja Broadbent and sung to the tune ‘Joy to the World’


I offer various workshops throughout the year. Join my mailing list at the bottom of the page to make sure you know about upcoming workshops. Alternatively, have a look at my News section for all the latest workshops and events.

Workshops are generally held at Cumnor United Reformed Church hall, Leys Road, Cumnor, OX2 9QF and include refreshments and possibly some individual work. Example workshops include:

Reboot your Posture

It is possible to attend just the first hour. To guarantee a place please book in advance and state if you would like some individual work (first come first served).

Learn to Move Really Well

This class is particularly beneficial for horse riders who need to learn to move really well compared to most people. However all are welcome. To guarantee a place please book in advance and state if you would like some individual work (first come first served).

Align, Balance, Connect

Exploring the ABCs of harmonious movement via mindful movement. This workshop is suitable for anyone who would like to improve their physical or mental well-being. No prior experience of the Feldenkrais method is required.

I’ve tried every therapy going to sort out my back and postural issues and without doubt Joy is the only one to have made a lasting difference. Everyone should experience the amazing effects of Feldenkrais, even if they’ve never heard of it! ~ Angela Bryant, Health Coach
Feldenkrais is the best–kept secret in complementary medicine. Everyone should know about it but very few do. It’s a wonderful therapy and Joy Morris is a fabulous, caring, inspiring teacher. ~ Michael Franklin, founder of the Allergy and Nutrition Centre and the IBS Centre

One-to-One Lessons

I offer tailored Functional Integration classes to suit your individual needs.

Using a gentle, non-invasive touch, I investigate the way your particular difficulties are related to your habits of movement. This eases associated tension, not only in the movement itself, but also in your feeling and thinking, enabling new possibilities.

Where: For the busy professional or housebound I offer a limited number of home appointments in the Oxford area. I am currently offering one-to-one lessons in Cumnor, Churchill, Whitchurch-on-Thames and Buckingham.

To book: Contact me on 01865 862272 or joy@thejoyofmovement.co.uk

Joy has magic hands and together with her mastery of Feldenkrais, each session is a joy, like her name and an opportunity to rebalance and realign my body. I also feel empowered to realign my body on my own through a few movements practiced during the individual session. A simple gift. ~ Anne Roques, International Business coach